Book Review: The Tiger – A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

The Tiger

Got recommendations about this book a couple weeks back, so I decided to give it a try, especially since it’s only $4-$5 on Amazon (used). The book almost starts like a thriller novel, but then naturally blends in interviews and descriptions of the life of those living near Primorye, Russia. This remote town in Eastern Siberia is where life is still very primitive and many make their living through hunting and mining. The narrative of the book is about a man-eating tiger, who disrupts the peaceful lives of the local town. John Vaillant goes deeper into the history and tradition of the region to try to understand what has caused this Tiger to actively hunt down humans. Overall, it is a great read to learn more about the livelihood and environment of people living in such a remote area that we would otherwise never hear about. It’s fascinating to read about how close some of these people are with nature, but then it is also quite shocking how modernization and human greed has affected the ecosystem of such distant regions.


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