The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt


  • Students at the University of Chicago were warned that the adult world was “rough and bloody…but if you have enough of the lust of battle in you, you will have a pretty good time after all.” – p. 545
  • I felt as if I was personally realizing all of Brooks Adam’s gloomy anticipations of our gold ridden, capitalist-bestridden, usurer-mastered future – p. 576
    • Interesting how this quote seems to foreshadow how politics has evolved since then
  • Years later White tried to analyze the elements of Roosevelt’s conquering ability. It was not social superiority, he decided, nor political eminence, nor erudition; it was something vaguer and more spiritual, “the undefinable equation of his identity, body, mind, emotion, the soul of him… It was youth and the new order calling youth away from the old order. It was the inexorable coming of change into life, the passing of the old into the new.” – p.610
  • “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far” – p. 754

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