Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World


Memorable quotes from the book:

  • “If you want the largest increase in motivation and productivity, then big goals lead to the best outcomes. Big goals significantly outperform small goals, medium-sized goals, and vague goals. It comes down to attention and persistence – which are two of the most important factors in determining performance. Big goals help focus attention, and they make us more persistent.”  – Gary Latham
  • “Many people misperceive what good entrepreneurs do. Good entrepreneurs don’t like risk. They seek to reduce risk. Starting a company is already risky…[so] you systematically eliminate risk in those early days” – Jeff Bezos
  • “Intrinsic rewards become far more critical. Three in particular stand out: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.”
  • Always say “Yes, and…,” means interactions should be additive more than argumentative. The goal here is the momentum, togetherness, and innovation that comes from ceaselessly amplifying one another’s ideas and actions”
  • “I have a very simple metric I use: Are you working on something that can change the world? Yes or no? The answer for 99.999999 percent of people is no. I think we need to be training people on how to change the world.”  – Larry Page
  • “Have a healthy disregard for the impossible”
  • “Our philosophy is that the things that people use often are really important to them and we think that over time, you can make money from those things.”  – Larry Page
  • Law of Niches – “The ability for entrepreneurs to nimbly find and serve niche interests – and to produce platforms that allow those groups to address their needs en masse- is better than ever before” – Joshua Kleine
  • “Don’t think outside the box. Go box shopping. Keep trying on one after another until you find the one that catalyzes your thinking. A good box is like a lane marker on the highway. It’s a constraint that liberates” – Dan and Chip Heath

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