Sam Walton: Made in America



What an inspirational story about entrepreneurship. Walton’s story really shows the importance of proper execution, risk-taking, humility, and adaptability for startups. Here are some memorable quotes I found from the book:


  • “What has carried this company so far so fast is the relationship that we, the managers, have been able to enjoy with our associates”
  • “The more you share profits with your associates, the more profits will accrue to the company”
  • “Sharing information and responsibility is a key to any partnership. It makes people feel responsible and involved.” 
  • “If you get too caught up in that good life (lavish lifestyle), it’s probably time to move on, simply because you lose touch with what your mind is supposed to be concentrating on: serving the customer.” 
  • When asked if he was just starting out in the business world today, what would he do: “I think I’d study the retail field today and go into the business that offered the most promise for the least amount of money” 

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